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Syren's Additional Info

  • AGE 19
  • HEIGHT 5'6"
  • WEIGHT 135
  • EYE COLOUR Brown
  • Piercings Lip, Bridge
  • Breasts Natural
  • STAG
  • DUOS
  • Temptress
  • Elite

“Last night I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours with Syren and all I can say is that she met every one of my expectations. Not that she needs the publicity, but here’s her link for anybody who’s been living under a rock for the last several months…bahahah. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to book at first based on my vanilla tastes and her openly kinky persona; however, within seconds of walking in the door, I was completely at ease. I’ve been searching a long time for somebody who could offer a mutual and sensual edging session, and I’m glad to say that Syren was more than happy to oblige. We spent the first 10 minutes quickly chatting about our likes/dislikes and setting some basic boundaries, before diving right night. We spent the rest of our time teasing each other and keeping ourselves on the edge of enlightenment before finally finishing with an explosion of ecstasy. We spent some of our downtime talking about things we could try next time, as well as the possibility of a duo – she did mention that there a few girls she won’t duo with based on their friendship outside of the industry, so it is probably best to ask first if you’re thinking of doubling the fun. Overall, Syren was probably one of the nicest and most accommodating SPs I’ve ever met. To say that she enjoys what she’s doing is an understatement, and her sexual awareness, confidence and maturity was quite impressive for somebody who is only 19!!”

“Yes I saw Syren this week. Had an amazing time. She’s super friendly and easy to be around. Very pretty, captivating eyes, and a sexy accent to boot  Pretty open to various kinks, much fun was had If you’ve been thinking of meeting her you won’t be disappointed.”

“Saw the previous reviews and banter thought I’d see what was what …I have been wanting to try a little BDSM for some time. She is definitely an experienced young woman . With exceptionally Beautiful eyes. Not going into a play by play but it was a great experience wonderful time using many toys some I brought some she brought. Even experienced a new position which I didn’t think was possible. We also had a good convo going through most of our time which was very informative and enlightening. All in all a great mix of BDSM and Vanilla. Would def recommend for either experience..Thanks Again Syren…”

“Had an amazing duo with both of them tonight. Syren recognized me from our last session and was quickly her naturally dominant self. Marissa was very quick to read the energy and adapt to the domme role as well. Syren is, from my experience so far with SPs, the gold standard professional domme. She encourages me at every turn to tell her exactly what my fantasies are and is very good at aftercare. She has this way of pushing me almost to my limit as a sub but never quite going over. She finds that perfect balance. Marissa is great at mirroring the energy of her partner during a duo. I had previously seen her in the past, but hadn’t seen her domme before today. She took to it well. I have a humiliation kink and she was able to come up with a few good quips that were exactly the sort of thing I look for as a degrade. Of course, Syren is good at that too, but it was a pleasant surprise from Marissa. I won’t go too into detail here as I’m not sure what the etiquette is for that (still fairly new to the board) but if it’s allowed and there is enough interest I would be happy to share more detail. Also, I swear Syren is a mind reader lol. She brought a collar and leash, which I also brought. Later in the session she asked if I had a chastity cage and there was one in my backpack. She mentioned it before I found the courage to tell her I had it. If you are looking for a duo, even for a more vanilla type session, you can’t go wrong with these two. Both absolutely gorgeous ladies, and both very fun and easy to talk to. I’m a pretty nervous guy but I am more at ease with these two ladies than I have been with other SPs. They feed off of each others energy very well. Honestly, even if you haven’t previously considered a duo, or are on the fence, I highly recommend you go for it. Well worth every last dollar.”

“Just saw her tonight. John wasn’t kidding, I suspect she will become very popular in the community. I have been searching for a pro domme to see regularly and I think my search may be over. She is by far the best domme I have seen so far. Most importantly she did something a lot of “pro” dommes forget to do, she asked me what my kinks and limits were before we started and checked on me when she got the feeling I was a little overwhelmed. I am literally still in awe as I write this. I hope she sticks around for quite some time.”